It’s Vicky

It’s Vicky

Hey there ! I’ve just jumped into the online world and I hopefully will bring to you some new perspectives, thoughts and, of course, fashion and lifestyle. Once these two are such a popular subject I’ll try to talk about them from my point of view.

So this is my first post and you all are trying to understand why I am burning your time. Beginning with .. with the beginning. I’m Vicky, I am 24 years old, I was born in Moldova, finished school in Portugal and, currently I’m living in Switzerland. I’m living near Montreux, almost all of you may know, at least the Freddie Mercury’s fans are not letting me down right now. Right guys?!

And once again, why I am burning your time around here? Well I really want to share this adventure with everyone who may be interested in sharing it with me. I would love to share with you my adventures, the trends that I am catching around.. So, if someone have any tips for me, PLEASE share them right now with me, I really need to get to know better this amazing country. You can leave a comment, find me on instagram, or just e-mail me. Normally I am always with my phone so I can get to you immediately. I will leave all my contacts and below you have the direct links to all my accounts! I didn’t met anyone from here yet so, hope to count on you to solve this guys! Oh, and for those who have never been here, buy a ticket now, you won’t regret it !

With love, V


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